Publicity Tour: An Angel Fallen, by Andy Graham


Hi everyone! This week I have something special in store for you! My blog is a part of an exciting publicity tour organised by Confessions Publicity, and together, we are presenting you with an excellent new horror novella called An Angel Fallen, written by a British horror and dark fiction writer, Andy Graham!

In the next couple of days, prepare yourselves for a dark and a very unusual experience of being transferred into a world of utmost confusion and growing up fast, following two main characters in the novella in question, Mike and Raph; two young boys who spend their days harassing and torturing animals around their neighbourhood! Raph is a complete sociopath, and Mike is an “innocent” bystander in these moments of cruelty executed by his friend, which will turn out to be a not so innocent and safe role in his young life after all. Both coming from broken families, growing up with their parents’ bad choices, alcoholism and neglect, Mike and Raph have no other path to follow except the one of violence and inhumanity…until one dark night that changed everything!

Andy Graham brings us the story of impossibility, violence, faith, problems of growing up, and the way that our society shapes us in our young age, whether we want that or not. For me, this excellent novella creates an atmosphere of hopelessness, and ultimate darkness that hides in each and every one of us, but at the same time, offers a way out of it, a light at the end of the tunnel, if you will, bringing out the importance of family and its influence. Significantly named, Mike or Michael, and Raph or Raphael, represent a difficult relationship among childhood friends, that brings out the best and the worst in all of us. We have all been there; we have struggled with bullying, peer pressure, and violence when we were growing up, we have been manipulated into doing things that we didn’t want to do, for the sake of having friends and being accepted, and in the process, we have learned to see the right from wrong, that ultimately forged our future paths.

The darkness that lingers in this novella is constantly keeping you alert while reading it, giving you the chills along the way, and making you become a part of this violent universe, at the same time messing with your own sanity! An Angel Fallen by Andy Graham is one of those works that will keep you up at night, and it will make you question yourselves constantly! One of the most fun novellas I’ve read in a long time! I highly recommend that you give An Angel Fallen a go, I guarantee you that you will read it in one sitting, holding your breath at the same time 🙂

Watch out for tomorrow, when I will be hosting a guest blog by the author Andy Graham himself!

In the meantime, you can find out more about Andy and his work on his website (where you can claim a free book!), and on his social media: twitter – @andygraham2001 and FB – andy graham author.




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