A New Beginning (x2) 

It took me four and a half episodes of the X Files, a long walk to the store because I live really far from it, and a lot of different scenarios that my brain processed while getting a prescribed daily input of fresh air to start writing again. A lot has changed since my last post almost two years ago. I had another New Beginning in life, this time in England. It is not that different from Scotland, so the initial shock wasn’t that hard, and the weather is a bit better. But not that much, since April is filled with cold spring rain showers almost all the time! I’m in Norwich now, a beautiful city in the East of England. Lots of things to see and experience, beautiful architecture and interesting events. During my last year in Scotland, I realised that I am not going forward, so I decided to change that. I applied and got accepted to UEA, finally doing a PhD, which was the main reason why I left Croatia in the first place. And let me tell you, this PhD experience is completely different and more challenging than being an independent researcher! Despite that, it is really rewarding. I’ve been a PhD candidate for a few months now, and I’ve learned so much already! Of course, there’s always a down side to everything, and PhD is no different. If someone tells you that doing a PhD is hard work and an isolating experience, believe them, because it is. It’s the way you choose to handle that isolation that matters. Why are PhDs like that? Because the program is 100% research, with supervisor meetings and flexible seminars that you as a student attend when you can, depending on your time management and organising everything else around it. You meet people when you start, but it’s hard to meet up with them on a regular basis because of many different reasons. Some of them are working, some have families, some live outside the town. But I wouldn’t change my decision, because all that can be dealt with and socialising is a big part of the experience. While I was walking to the store, I had a strange feline encounter that woke me up from my daydreaming and possibly saved me from a painful collision with a parking pole. One of the local cats brushed so hard against my leg that I almost fell! He is a dashing tom cat, tiger stripes and all, very elegant, with a bad boy vibe, amazing big eyes and extraordinary muscular form (yes, I’m still talking about a cat 😉 ). I thanked him and showed my affection by patting him on the head while no cat was looking, cause he has to retain that bad boy king of the neighbourhood cat vibe! I continued my journey to the distant store, still daydreaming and planning, but aware of my surroundings. Thinking about new prospects and future endeavours during my PhD. That’s what I like, lots of opportunities present themselves while studying, which in turn gives you the experience and new skills to continue with your growth, as a professional and a person. Experiences do matter, and I’ve decided to share mine with you, about PhD, about my research, about everything that matters to me. So, stay tuned to this soon to be revamped blog about stranger things, horror, film, media and all other trendy stuff out there! 🙂 

P.S. I’m still watching the X Files, because…X Files! Am I right? 🙂 #awesomeTV


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