The Generation of Z: Apocalypse – interactive theatre experience

I was a part of this experience last year at Edinburgh Fringe, as a zombie extra, and I really recommend it to everyone to get involved! I had lots of fun, met some pretty awesome people and was richer for another great experience in my life which led me to being a part of other interesting film projects, the review of which will come later this year!



The Generation of Z: Apocalypse is an interactive theatre experience.


Press release:

The Generation of Z: Apocalypse, an immersive, terrifying interactive theatre experience, is coming to London after sell out seasons in New Zealand and at the Edinburgh Fringe. Hurling audiences into the maelstrom of a zombie apocalypse and unfolding in real time, The Generation of Z: Apocalypse is a thrilling 75 minutes of high-velocity storytelling that will terrify even the hardiest of thrill seekers.


It is 2015. London has fallen. And the deadly Z virus is transforming the global population into a rabid horde of the infected. What will you do to survive? Where will your choices take you?


Your survival is in your hands. This apocalyptic world unfolds within a purpose-built labyrinthian venue in Whitechapel, spanning over a 25,000 square feet bunker.’

Official website

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