Back from the dead!

It has been a long time since I posted anything. Even though January is my month, we didn’t get along this year, being ill, lacked focus, working hard…but we’ve come to an agreement in the end, and I am so glad that my focus is back. I started reading again a lot, which helps me focus on the tasks I need to finish. I am really grateful for writers like Neil Gaiman, because his quote: Finish things!, was an encouragement enough to start doing it. I wrote a couple of reviews, abstracts, stories and I am currently launching my own freelance photography business!The excitement is back, and so am I 🙂

I came across this quote today:


…and that is exactly how I feel, regarding my writing and all my academic and non-academic activities. When I was younger, I always had something to say, but I was too shy (imagine that!) to do anything about it. As I was growing up, and because of different experiences and events that shaped my personality, that shyness changed into “I want to tell stories, I want to encourage and inspire people, I want to make a difference!” I realized that I was already doing that, by staying true to myself and being brave enough to change my life for the better. After I left Croatia to pursue my future elsewhere, people were messaging me and saying that I inspire them to make that hard step toward changing their own lives, and it was a beautiful feeling!  It still is, no matter the problems or obstacles I often encounter, but then again, I don’t think I know how it is when life is simple for you, because for me it has always been to choose, unwillingly at times, the road less travelled. But that is how you build your own character, your own identity, by making choices, by trying hard and by not giving up. Lesson learned. Onto the harder Level. I always did love a challenge 🙂

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