Out with the old, in with the new..

As I’ve made ten steps back, which was not easy, because it was about a very important part of my life, education, I also made one step forward! Ten steps back, ONE step forward. But it is an important one. I’ve released the old things and embraced the new ones. Now, I will upgrade. With that in mind, I started from the very beginning and picked up an Advanced English Language book from Palgrave Master Series by Sara Thorne (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6951951-mastering-advanced-english-language), which I would seriously recommend to all the learners of English. It goes in depth concerning grammar, linguistics, phonetics, dialectics and explains the relationship they all form in learning a language. You can never be too old for upgrading your knowledge, as it is true that we never actually learn everything in our lives, no matter how actively we think that we do. I always thought, when I was younger, that I know everything there is to know about English language and any other languages that I decided to learn and study, and eventually use in everyday life. Since I am a translator, and now I actively started to deal with the field of translation, I found out that there are all these new things and approaches to learning and language in general which are still new to me and which I wanted to know more about! Such an exciting moment, when you find out that there are so many new things yet to learn, just waiting for you to start!

It says: ” By studying grammar, you will become able to evaluate the flexibility and variety of both written and spoken language use. grammatical knowledge can also make you a more effective writer because you will be more aware of what you can do in order to achieve certain effects.” Which is precisely the phase I am in right now. I am writing a story about the depravity of human nature as opposed to all the unbelievable monsters that exist in our imagination, using horror elements to describe that process and enhance the impression of human nature being the monstrous Other that lurks in the corners of our subconscious self. In order to do so, I desperately need words, lots of beautiful and strong words to put in structures to achieve the desired effect. Grammar is not boring. Grammar is not your enemy, like I always thought, especially when I was in high school. Grammar is a means to an end, which is there to be used by you, a writer, to create worlds that no one dares to enter. You, as a writer, need to invite your readers inside that world, to make them feels safe and yet still a part of it.

Do not just read fiction, or romance…read theory as well, educate yourself while doing the things that you love most!  Read everything!


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