Wishes and reality

It was my wishes and dreams for a better future that got me here where I am now, in Scotland. Although Scotland is a beautiful gem in this wide world,and I am enjoying myself just by residing here,the main dream that brought me here quickly came to an end,before it even started properly. I came here full of enthusiasm,which now came to be an impossibility of its own kind. I have such desire to learn,to research and to contribute and develop myself further,which is not enough. Tuition fees got up,there is a small number of scholarships and I applied to all of them,but without success. The only thing I want to shout right now is: Let me study!Let me show to the world what I am made of! Let me pursue my dream with the passion of all those genius minds before me,let me be myself!
I’m shouting in hope that someone will hear me. Maybe one day..but until then,rely on yourself and do your best, keep trying!


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