Lost without the internet universe and how a book saved my life


It’s been a while since I was online due to my laptop dying a painful death. It is still in that realm, and there is no hope for him at all. The interesting thing is that I felt completely lost without it and without an internet connection for so long, meaning a couple of weeks. I don’t know when I got so addicted to the whole experience, and I didn’t realize how big a part of my life it is, after all. That is why I like all those apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic themes which are so popular these days. Large range of monsters just adds to the whole story. We would be completely lost without this modern way of life that we’ve been so accustomed to… no phones, no internet or computers, tablets and other interesting and fun gadgets, just plain old survival in tough conditions. I wasn’t even sure that I would survive this possible crash of everything. How much do you really know about survival in the wilderness, without all those things that make our lives bearable and easier? A box of matches, as small and insignificant as it now is, can save your life. I didn’t even think that an item that small can be so important. Now, when I again have the access to this vast universe and all the gadgets, I kind of feel stressed a lot. Without all of that, I was sad and a bit bored because I couldn’t talk to my friends and family, or roam the internet searching for exciting news to make me occupied with something, anything, just to pass the time. But then I remembered that life is so much more than that, and that the value of books and written word, on plain old paper, is so high and priceless, and we don’t cherish it that much anymore in these modern times. I picked up a Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and I had so much fun reading it, so soon I forgot about all this modernity that I left behind. I was there, in the book, in that world, living in the same graveyard, searching for ghoul-gate with Nobody, traveling through walls and gravestones or simply enjoying the sun high on the graveyard hill. It brought me back to life again. Which book did that to you? It would be great to find out what is other people’s favourite imaginary world to get lost in and explore. We all need an escape from reality at times, and books are the portals into different, new and exciting worlds.

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