Busy Month of May

I totally vanished from blogging world this month and submitted myself to extensive reading and writing, for my PhD and some other interesting roles I have played in order to gain academic points for future reference. So, now the academic world is richer with information about Balkan horror films, the topic I was writing about for the International Gothic Association Postgraduate Blog (if you’re interested, here is the link: http://www.iga.stir.ac.uk/blog.php ). It was such an interesting experience, because that is how my PhD research actually got that dimension of reality that I didn’t perceive before, probably because of all the interesting stuff around me, around Stirling, and the town itself is a gem of Gothic architecture and atmosphere…such a beautiful place! I’ll post pictures of it in future posts. I even considered the idea of implementing a chapter about the monstrous Scottish identity, there are so many great ghost and historical facts and stories that one simply cannot resist it all. Well. at least not me, I’m here only five months now. I was so enthusiastic about the research I conducted regarding horror film in the Balkans, whether they exist or not and the reasons for both. Apparently, Balkan countries have a very rich film heritage, but they lack that weird, monstrous creature that we all like to call the horror genre. The reasons are the years of oppression, horrible regimes and the consequences of the wars which occurred on that territory. The fact that there exists the film heritage of any kind in these countries, especially that rich, is pretty fascinating then!

I will leave you to it, as my beautiful bed is calling me to take me into the Dreaming, where one of my nine fictional husbands is waiting for me to hang out with him. Life is grand! Good night!


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