How I got here where I am now.

A couple of days ago a friend from back home asked me about my life here and how did I get accepted on a PhD in the first place. Although it is a question that made me think a bit about the answer to it, the only conclusions I could come up with, looking back a year when I was still in Croatia, struggling for survival, is that it takes a lot of patience, effort and a great amount of optimism to change your life completely and start from scratch in an unknown country. I was scared as hell when it was time to leave, because I didn’t know what was waiting for me out there, here where I am now, and I was constantly struggling with the negative thoughts that came to me even though I didn’t want them at all…am I going to be able to make it, will the trip be ok, will I find a place to stay, will I manage to do this all by myself. Fortunately, I was able to put all these thoughts aside and I took the risk of going on the greatest adventure of my life, because what was I supposed to do back home? Work on a job I didn’t like, which is not my area of expertise, the thing that I fought for for so long hoping to make something out of my life? Interestingly enough, I couldn’t  be reconciled with that kind of life, which basically is surviving, because the country is in a really bad shape, especially for young people who want to develop their knowledge and themselves. Now I am glad that I went on that adventure, because everything worked out fine. But it wouldn’t be possible without a couple of people and my family and their ongoing support, even though I know that it’s hard for them that I am so far away and it’s even harder for them to visit than before, when I was living in another town. Going on this adventure made a lot of other people to think that it is possible to free oneself from the prison they are living in, and apparently I started an avalanche of possibilities that can become real only if you’re brave enough to do it, to take the leap of faith and just do it. Damn, I sound like a commercial:) And soon the questions from my friends and other people started arriving about how, what and where, and I am very happy that they started to think of a better future, realizing that it is possible and that it’s somewhere out there, if you want to accept the challenge. 

I answered a lot of questions and enjoyed sharing my experiences about all this, and I will continue to support everyone who is encouraged by my story to make a better future for themselves. This was a great choice and a very fulfilling experience so far. I love everything about Scotland, perhaps because it’s all new to me, and because I compare every aspect to my home  country, things that work well here and could work there, if only the people who are running it were not so egoistic and if they start making changes that will be made for the benefit of the people, not individuals. Keeping fingers crossed.


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