Writing is exciting, Writing is Hard-contemplating the life of a writer

I always thought that writing is such an easy activity. You just make yourself comfortable, take a notebook and a pen…or laptop…or a typewriter, whichever you prefer, and you just start writing…and after a short time tadaaaaam! You produce a brilliant and coherent work of art, you edit it a bit, just to look fairly nice, which in your head looks like the most beautiful thing you’ve ever done and then people start buying it and you get rich and famous!

At least that’s what I thought when I was reading masterpieces by Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and many others that fall into the genius category. Although, to be clear, Lovecraft could have done it  a bit more …understanding 😉 No, just kidding! Lovecraft , Poe, King and Bradbury are my own personal tutors when talking about writing and imagination.

Soon after I expressed my wish to become a writer and an active part of an academic community, I found out how difficult it is really. It’s not just putting random words on paper and then they magically hit the stars! No, no…it’s more of a hard-work-in-your-face-deal-with-insomnia-and-have-no-life type of thing. But I am enjoying every second of it!To be honest, it is  a very slow process, in terms of trying to put your idea on paper and breathe life into it and releasing your new monster creation into the vast world, to deal with readers and other writers, and the rejection part is a bit tough to handle sometimes, but…like a dear friend of mine once said to me in a moment of utter madness induced by rejection, it took a couple of years for Stephen King to publish his first story, so just keep going and don’t give up! Which is basically true, because now I have a couple of academic articles published, related to my future PhD and other research, and my short story is due this month, of which I am very proud. My first story ever, to be accessible to the public! It is in a way like letting readers pick your brain, because stories comprise of your personal experiences, wishes, dreams and fears who are now out there, in the world…and I truly hope that people will like it! So, not giving up sounds like a plan, don’t you think? 😉

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